Counselor Demo

Welcome to our Online Demonstration of the TASSEL Time website.C O U N S E L O R    D E M O N S T R A T I O N
Logging In
When clicking in the tab “counselor info” from the Tassel Time Home page, a counselor follows three steps to sign-up for the site free. All counselors are offered access to the site for free. We have shared the opportunity to access the site for free in the state counselor newsletter, at the state counselor convention and on the counselor list serve. We currently have over 300 counselor members since the beginning of October 2003.
Counselor Home Page
After counselors have followed steps 1, 2, and 3, Counselors will receive a confirmation e-mail from me. They are then ready to access the site. Counselors should choose the “counselor” log-in tab from the Tassel Time home page. Counselor’s have a clearance level code that allows them to access pages that the parent/student subscribers are not allowed to see. The counselor resource page has a variety of resources to offer including: PowerPoint presentation for use on parent nights, excel log sheet to log visits and time, a master volunteer form to let students use to log their volunteer work and a poster and brochure we ask counselors to give to students about the Tassel Time Website.The Counselor Resource page lists links to national sites of importance to counselors. The resources also include links to specific rules pertaining to the counseling area such as the student services plan or anti-bullying policy.
College Addresses
The College Address Database which allows a counselor to search for any college in the US that has a website. The data on each college contains the address, Website link, and phone number for easy access to information when counseling students.
State Specific Counselor Links
The state specific counselor page which lists state specific links of importance and also includes a variety of parent involvement handouts to be used in the school’s parent involvement center.
Counselor Power Point