Educators are Saying…

“The Education friendlyfacts / T.A.S.S.E.L. Time  website is a dream come true for parents, students, and school counselors. The extensive information, available on this site, provides parents with needed information that previously was so difficult to find and obtain.  School counselors can now educate parents and students on the use of this site while expanding services to meet state and national collaboration expectations. Check it out, you will be glad you did!”

Dr. Carleton R. Holt, former Associate Professor of Educational Administration and Program Coordinator, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas

“I have worked in the field of education for over 25 years, and our educational consultancy has been around since 1977. The TasselTime Web site does an excellent job of pulling together all the various resources necessary to make informed decisions regarding postsecondary options. In my opinion, it has to be one of the best information portals available to parents and students today.”

Rusty Haynes, President,  CollegeMasters, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona

“Young people enter our schools with significant questions about life, social relationships, vocation, occupation, and education. Counselors are faced with expectations for successful performance in the face of significant challenges and their own desire to facilitate student growth and development. Parents are requesting expert guidance in helping their children make wise choices. This website is excellent because it captures key information that will help professionals, parents, and young people focus on student success.”      

Dr. Roland Smith, former Dean of Education, University of Arkansas Fort Smith, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

“The career planning information provided to parents and students on the T.A.S.S.E.L. Time site should prove to be a useful time management tool in the search for college and career facts. Whether financial aid, military or rigorous college admission information is the need, an evaluation of many of the hundreds of sites available will help conserve time during the search. For a small investment, a wealth of resources can be found.”

Dr. Benny Gooden, former Superintendent, Fort Smith Public Schools

“How grateful I am for the hard work and dedication you have obviously shown in developing a site that every counselor, parent and student can use for answers to those all important questions as a student navigates through the maze of information available to help with scholarships, college searches, military opportunities, career exploration and so much more. I am so appreciative of your willingness to train the counselors at Springdale Public Schools.  This website is undoubtedly the best I have ever used.  As a veteran counselor for over 33 years, I know that students and parents need this vital information.  We at Springdale are so very excited about the opportunity to use Tasseltime that we have printed large banners for all our secondary schools, we have printed a business card for every student grades 8-12, and we plan several educational seminars to introduce TASSELTIME to our staff, to parents and to our student body. Thanks, thanks, thanks for your enthusiasm and your expertise in developing TASSELTIME.  I look forward to helping others understand the importance of TASSELTIME.”

Connie Williams,  former Department Chairman, Counseling Department, Springdale High School

“I would like to compliment you on all the hard work that you have done, and continue to do, on Tasseltime. We have a child who was recently diagnosed with dyslexia in our elementary school. The teachers, which serve this child, were in need of suggestions to help him in the classroom setting. I went to your website and immediately found useful information for this group. Thanks again for all the help.”

Michael Hodges, Counselor, Greene County Tech Elementary

“I so appreciate you coming and spending the day with the Springdale counselors and sharing your wonderful site with us. There is such a wealth of information that we can share with our faculty, students, and parents even at the elementary level. I recently shared the site with my faculty, and I am sure there will be an overwhelming amount of feedback from them. Thanks again for everything.”

 Kim Emerson,Counselor, Jones Elementary,Springdale, AR

“I have had the pleasure of reviewing your excellent site. I must say that T.A.S.S.E.L. Time supports the comprehensive school counseling program model by focusing on the development of the whole child: academic, career, and personal-social. With the use of the site as a toll, counselors have a wealth of information on so many diverse topics that will aid in their delivery of services to the students and parents of Arkansas. The links to the various sites saves so much time. Students and parents can access this information themselves. You have brought the “power” to the people in providing such a comprehensive site. A professional site that is “user-friendly” to counselors, teachers, parents, and especially students.”

Dr.  Kandis Croom,  former Master of Education in School Counseling and Leadership Department Head, Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, Arkansas

“This is a great site.  Not only can I use this information professionally but for me personally. I have an 8th grader.  I need this information so I can help her.  Thanks for doing this.”

Robin Jackson, Counselor, Benton, Arkansas

“The T.A.S.S.E.L. website is a very organized and detailed website. My initial response was WOW! I see nothing but positive and quick results for it’s users. This website is a great tool for everyone from school counselors to parents wanting to get valuable information for their children. I wish I had known about this website last year for my daughter who is a freshman at UA Fort Smith. I would recommend this website to anyone, especially high school counselors whose job is to assist students in choosing their career paths.”

Roy Hester, Director, Guy Fenter Coop

“As a junior high counselor, I receive lots of questions from parents about how to search for information for their student about resources for college admissions, scholarships, financial aid, and just general information concerning students and their future careers. Through Robin’s hard work there is now an excellent up to date resource for students, parents, and counselors to use. Tasseltime is user friendly and has a vast amount of information easily accessible. From a parent’s point of view, I have found this website invaluable as I have searched for scholarship information for my own student who is a senior. Thank you Robin for a job well done.”

Dianne Letsch, Southwest Junior High Counselor  Springdale, AR

“The TASSEL Time website is without question one of the most comprehensive collections of resources for college bound students, their parents, and school counselors.  Robin Finley has created a web portal of national significance for counselors with emphasis on resources for Arkansas students.  I highly recommend the TASSEL Time web site and congratulate Robin on a major accomplishment.”

Jim Yeager, former Technology Chairman, Arkansas School Counselor Association

“Within three minutes of logging on at tasseltime.com I was visiting several excellent Web sites with math games and instruction designed for children and their teachers. I then viewed a wealth of resources for parents of elementary aged children designed to help them prepare for college and “learn the ropes” of higher education and qualifying for scholarships.

Having worked personally with Mrs. Finley, I know that she is the “real deal” when it comes to helping young people and their parents plan for college. Just a few short conversations with her were invaluable to my oldest daughter as she navigated the scholarship maze before entering college. I am thankful to have Mrs. Finley’s knowledge and extensive research available on the Web for my 8th grade daughter’s benefit.”

Jim Warnock, former Principal, Alma Intermediate School, Alma, AR

“Fantastic!  Tassel Time is an absolute lifeline!  Robin has done a terrific job of putting together, in one location, all of the pertinent information needed by students, parents, teachers and counselors in helping students gain an advantage in the life-long educational process.  I currently serve 9 schools in 7 districts, and this user-friendly site is a huge timesaver. Robin–I thank you, and my students thank you.”

Georgiann Garst, Academic Counselor, Educational Talent Search (TRIO)
North Arkansas College, Harrison,

“The advice Robin gives to athletes and their parents is very valuable in the recruitment process. She not only gives parents step-by-step information on how to help their child, but also gives links to legitimate recruiting services, if a parent chooses to take that route. Robin speaks from experience; she was a respected coach and athletic director in the state of Arkansas for several years. The Website she has created is valuable for all students to help them in their college planning.”

Gus Malzahn, UCF

Students are Saying…

“I appreciate Mrs. Finley for the diligence and persistence she presented when helping me find scholarships.  Without the personal interest she took in my life I would not have a college scholarship.”

Michael, 2002 graduate

“This website is absolutely incredible!  It has so much information and is a great resource for students, parents, and teachers!  Robin Finley has helped me in so many ways.  When I graduated from high school, she found several scholarships and helped me fill out applications and write the required essays.  With her help, I was able to get three college scholarships which paid full tuition and even provided money for books and other materials.  I would recommend this website to anyone interested in furthering their education.  It is a wonderful tool and can guide anyone through this important decision-making time!”

Staci, 1999 graduate

“This website is any prospective college students dream!  It contains tons of great information to help all students find their needed scholarships.  Robin Finley, helped me fulfill my dream of playing college basketball. With Robin’s help, I was awarded a 2 year athletic scholarship to Westark College, where I went on to play in and win the 1995-NJCAA National Championship!  After my 2 years at Westark, I was awarded another 2 year athletic scholarship at Lyon College.  I went on to graduate with a BA in History, and I currently teach social studies.  This website is a wonderful tool for helping students reach for their dreams!”

Becky, 1994 graduate

“This website is awesome for helping with scholarships.  I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Finley help me. Because of her hard work and patience in helping me I was able to get two scholarships that paid all of my tuition.  I love this site and think it can really help students that are trying to get scholarships.”

Tyler, 2002 Graduate

“Selecting the right college for yourself is stressful enough without the extra weight of the ACT and scholarships. Tasseltime compiles all of the information one could possibly ever want into a user-friendly database. Thanks to Robin Finley and her amazing website, I wouldn’t have been able to find helpful ACT testing tips or scholarship providers. I encourage anyone looking into college to become a member. Also, don’t forget to check out the check-list calendar. It’s very useful in making sure all of the important deadlines are met in advance!”

Brittney, 2005 Graduate

“I had no idea that the whole “college/career” process would be so complicated.  Thank GOD for the lady that created Tasseltime.  My counselor gave us all a password to use and I just thought it was one more thing— but man!  Just about every question I could think of was answered in Tasseltime.  I found 6 scholarships to apply for and I received 2 of them besides the ones I was already getting for my grades.  The site is WAY cool and my counselor said the lady that created it was too!

Mark ,2005 Graduate

I have known many fellow high-school graduate students who have mentioned what a terrible time they had struggling to find scholarships on their own and usually coming up short in their searches.  Although I would like to agree with them and say I had a terrible time as well, I really can’t, because through the help of Robin Finley and her eagerness to find me the best scholarships that were out there, I was able to apply for and receive various scholarships which have now paid for my tuition and fees throughout college.  It is now so exciting to see that she is willing to offer her services and expertise to students across the country.  No doubt that she will do for them as well as she has done for me.

Julie ,2002 Graduate

My counselor kept telling me about this site that had all the info I needed to find scholarships.  I am glad she kept nagging me about it cause I followed that calendar and now I am in college, paid for and I have met several friends who had better ACT scores than me, but I received more money.  Tasseltime is a really cool site and helped me a lot to achieve my college goals.

Steven, 2005 Graduate

Parents are Saying…

“I was so impressed with your website! If you cannot have Robin Finley in person to assist your children with scholarships, this website is definitely the next best thing.  I am so thankful for the unending effort and support given to both my children by Mrs. Finley at this important time in their life.  Because of her devotion and commitment, my daughter received a scholarship she didn’t even know existed until she received her congratulatory letter in the mail.  From a parent’s perspective, Mrs. Finley’s assistance and knowledge is invaluable.  I have one child who has graduated from college and is now teaching 5th grade and my second child is now in his 2nd year of college.  We have had very little out of pocket expense during this usually very expensive time all because we were blessed by knowing Robin Finley.  I would highly recommend this website to anyone with these important decisions ahead.”

Becky Whitley

“I have four boys, ages 7 to 17 and the Tassel Time Web site has provided our family with a wealth of information that will prepare us all for my boy’s college years.  It is user friendly and provides many useful sites.  I discovered Tassel Time when I attended a technology workshop in which Robin Finley, the creator of Tassel Time, presented the program to educators from the Northwest Arkansas area.  Robin gave an excellent presentation, detailing all the features of Tassel Time.  I would highly recommend Tassel Time for anyone with school-aged children.  Robin’s presentation is a must for all educators too.”

Cindy Wofford, M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist

“There aren’t enough words to express how valuable and helpful Tassel Time has been for us. As we began helping Kristin in this endeavor, things appeared overwhelming. The immense amount of information for scholarships and financial assistance available is staggering. Tassel Time provided us a place to work from. Whether it was information about ACT testing, resources to help increase ACT scores, available college scholarships or some other information, we could always start from Tassel Time.

The resources made known to us through Tassel Time, enabled Kristin to raise her ACT scores, some by as much as 5 points. The great part is she raised her scores on all sub-tests and her total composite score. The college of her choice awarded her a full scholarship. Plus, she has become eligible for other scholarships. We would have never known this help was available nor would we have known of the many scholarships she qualifies for if not for you and the Tassel Time web site.

We cannot imagine how high school seniors mange to successfully seek out and obtain college scholarships without the help of this web site. Why would they want to? Regardless of a student’s interests and abilities, Tassel Time encompasses it all. Thank you again for taking the “hassle” out of getting the tassel.”

Suzy and David Ferguson


“I am so impressed with the Tasseltime website.  For small schools like us it is especially helpful for scholarship access. My daughter has found scholarships I did not know were out there.  The site has wonderful  tutorials, information on the ACT and SAT, and helpful information on the essay process for college. If you have not checked it out, I highly recommend it. All counselors in AR have free access to Robin Finley’s site. She has done an awesome job of making the counselor’s job so much easier.”

Debbie Diehm, Counselor, Shiloh Christian School, Springdale, AR

“Thank you so much for all of the hard work you have put into Tasseltime!  Since I have been introduced to Tasseltime, I have found unlimited resources for helping parents of students with special needs or disabilities.  The lessons plans and subject area websites are great for teachers and counselors.  The information on college and scholarships is a tremendous resource for anyone with a senior in the family.  This is a website I will really use!”

Elementary Counselor, Pulaski County Special School District