Below is a list of highlights of the services and resources we provide.

Friendly Finleys is an education business owned and created by Dr. Robin Finley, established in 2003. TASSELTime, TEACHINGTime, and INSPIRETime are all companies under the Friendly Finleys LLC.
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TASSELTime is an educational website that helps students find information about college admissions, scholarships, careers, ACT, SAT, Financial Aid. TASSELTime is free for counselors.

Pricing Information for schools
**The pricing is based on the number of 10th-12th grade students you have in your school district, but once you purchase TASSELTime it is for your ENTIRE SCHOOL DISTRICT 24/7– at home and at school .**

School Pricing

Student Attendance Grades Price
0 – 499 10 – 12th grade $495.00
500 – 999 10 – 12th grade $995.00
1000 – above 10 -12th grade $1495.00


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TEACHINGTime is another resource specifically made for teachers’ professional learning. We can provide professional learning in-person, online, or hybrid.

We can provide specific presentations such as:

  • Data Privacy
  • Engaging Parents
  • Engaging Learners
  • AI-What Do Educators Need to Know About AI (ChatGPT and others)
  • Social Media Awareness: Private vs Public
  • Social Media Best Tips and Tricks for Your District or School Pages
  • Social Media Cautions for Administrators
  • Social Media Cautions for Teachers
  • How to Develop an Engaging Website
  • Designing for All Learners – Instructional Design with Accessibility in Mind
  • Learner Engagement Tools
  • Developing Online Courses
  • Developing Empowering Presentations
  • Creating Engaging Interactives


Student Voice and Choice using Stop Motion Video